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Vox populi

Apps Like These Blog"... Many inexpensive printers do not have the function of printing in text mode, only in graphical so-called GDI printers). Older DOS programs designed to print in text mode dot matrix printers. It should note that most printers do not support national languages.

The DOSprn program can solve the problem. ..."
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Apppearl Blog"... DOSPRN will be the real savior of your old DOS programs. These days, many laser and inkjet printers have powerful features but cannot print plain text with formatting precision. In addition, some inexpensive printers cannot print in text mode at all.

The DOSPRN program will allow you to use old DOS programs with new printers, regardless of their type. For example, USB and network printers, print servers, and PDF printers. ..."
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Fast and free software download directory"... The problem with modern printers, no matter if they are inkjet or laser, is that they cannot print simple text accurately. This feature may be desired by some DOS users, who still use some applications which run only in the DOS environment. Often it's the case when these DOS applications are not compatible with regular Windows printers.

In this situation, the user should try to save and export the text from the DOS application into a regular TXT file, which can take a lot of time and may produce unsatisfying results.

But when installing the DOSPRN application, things become easier. That's because DOSPRN acts like a bridge between old DOS applications and modern Windows printers, allowing the user to print directly from these applications and get very good results. ..."
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PC Review
Brian Smither <>

"...Did you get a new printer? A Win-Printer? ... If, for the life of you, you can't imagine what, if anything, may have changed between "one day" and "the next day", then I can only suggest you invest in a neat (and inexpensive) utility called DOSPRN (
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Wagner, Eric <>

"Thank you for keeping DOS alive.

We are using DOSPRN to print from a DOS program running on Windows XP in the year 2022. Our parallel printer stopped working and we needed a solution to print to a modern USB printer.

DOSPRN to the rescue!

Well worth the price of the single license and way better than trying to find a working parallel printer on ebay/craigslist.

I think you have the longest trial period on the Internet. I was just informed of the watermark printing on documents (what seems like months after installing).

So happy to support your efforts."

Alexander Schindler | Labors Wien West <>

"We are a Human Labrotory and we have an old Software now we can send our documents by E-Mail. Thank you for your Software!!!!!"

Brian Smither <>

"Here's the problem: inexpensive printers are as brain-dead as are their compatriot win-modems. I mean to say, these win-printers rely on the printer drivers to render the hardcopy. The drivers (simply speaking) drive the inkjet nozzles directly instead of sending character codes and escape sequences - a printer control language like Epson's ESC/P2 command set.

And that's a problem for those who still use DOS-based applications. Windows applications use a process that involves things called GDI and WMF (sometimes RAW). These things are beyond the scope of this article but suffice it to say that in Windows 2000 and XP, DOS-based applications are not afforded the GDI process. In many cases, the application's output is run through the second half of the system but is unceremoniously ignored and as a result, nothing happens.

The solution, as best as one gets until a specific printer driver exists that makes the following process seamless, is to convince the DOS-based application to send its output to a file. Or, if that cannot be done, then redirect the LPT's output to a file. Or, if that cannot be done, capture the output destined for the port to a file. Once the application's output (from now on, called the "text stream") has been written to a file, another program can take that file and process it just as if you were using Notepad to load and print that text stream.

DOSprn is one such utility that does this. It is constantly looking for the presence of a specific file in a specific folder and, once it shows up, the utility interprets the embedded font control commands, translating that into the GDI process, and then sending the document to the win-printer. As mentioned before, DOSprn is one of several utilities that solve this problem - DOSprn was evaluated because it seemed to do what I needed it to do (and nothing more) and was the least expensive of the bunch. (And was perceived to be the simplest in its operation, perceived to be the least obnoxious in its evaluation mode, and/or perceived to be the least pernicious when uninstalling.)...."

Nikolaev Alexander <>

"If you use an old DOS program you can’t update it (due to lack of new versions or because of its uniqueness or just because you like it) — all you need is to download DOSprn, to install it and to start working. All other actions will be carried out by the program itself.

   It decently stays in the tray area, automatically captures all text-mode output and directs it to the printer you selected. DOSprn easily operates with any modern printer, even with network and USB ones, and even with print-server and PDF printers. It correctly interprets most of the special text-mode sequences (special codes managing the text layout — for ex. bold or italic style). The program allows you to choose any font for printing, and properly works with any DOS codepage.

   The software is an example of good balance between functionality (you can’t imagine a thing that the program doesn’t know about text-mode printing) and simplicity (even your secretary would learn it quickly) and usability.

   Multilanguage interface and further development of the program are pleasant bonuses.

   Now you must not be afraid of technical progress; this software is always available to you to solve any backward compatibility problems."

Graeme Small <>

"... DOSPRN is a great product - it just quietly does the job. It only gets occasional use but definitely needed to support modern printers............"

Ed Caldwell <>

"... I have several DOS prgs that I have written years ago in Clipper which I use on a daily basis in my businesses. I print reports from these weekly. It is getting harder to find printers with a parallel port these days without paying an arm and a leg for them. I've been searching for a solution for quite some time until I found DOSPRN.

What a great prg ! I have installed it on the office computer and so far it seems to do the job flawlessly. It prints to all of the printers on the network (3) with no problems. I also installed it on a notebook to test it and it prints to all of the printers wirelessly..........."

David Dapper <>

"... Just downloaded DOSPRN.
After struggling for days trying to get an old DOS program to print while running XP on a new iMac under Parallels Desktop for Mac, I came across your program which instantly and easily solved my problem! Neither Parallels support nor CUPS (the Unix-based Apple printing system) support were able to get my DOS program to print. DOSPRN immediately and easily fixed the problem!..........."

Andrew McIntyre <>

"... You have done an incredible job with DOSPRN. This is the first time I have been able to print out a DOS file in Windows so that it _exactly matches_ the format produced by original DOS printer. Most converters trash the formatting and the text by stretching and scaling things - or they fill the page with weird command characters. DOSPRN gives me a crisply printed, clean page exactly like the original. Thanks a million!..........."

Graham Norbury <>

"... By the way, I've been using it myself for quite some time now, and find it invaluable to be able to print from a legacy dos application to Adobe PDF. This newest install fixes an incompatibility between the same application and a new label printer. Good stuff!..........."

Nelson E. Donley <>

"... DOSPRN is a phenomenal program. Incredibly, Ive been using Lotus Agenda 2 since 1985. Lotus may have died, but Agenda 2 continues to live on, and there's still a strong demand for it on Ebay. I have recommended DOSPRN to many Agenda 2 users..........."

Francis G. McCloskey <>

"...A small bunch of us are still using DOSprn 2.0 with out DOS EnableOA program and think it's the best DOS to Windows printers program out there.........."

Carole McCollum <>

"...This is the greatest program - others purport to be able to print from old DOS programs, but they either don't print properly, or they are just difficult to get running and set up.

I am using an old version of Accpac Plus for DOS with a new HP Laser Printer and this is the only program I could find that would print to this printer from DOS without much hassle to set it up. Many programs will print from DOS programs, but not from Accpac-DOS. Our Novell network would not allow sharing the printer out as you normally would do for printing DOS programs. I'd have to assume the new printer doesn't have any native language capabilities........."

J. G. Savins <>

"...Your software is invaluable making it possible for us to continue to access our DOS-based archives of math codes and engineering-related literature........"

Jeffery Hedrich <>

"...Your support has been the most practical and quickest I have ever received. With your suggestions I believe I am going to have a long term solution for keeping my DOS program alive and running even under windows vista........"

Bert van Urk <>

"...DOSPRN works perfect, and it is much cheaper then buying a laserprinter with Epson FX emulation......."

Edward Gillespie <>

"...DOSPRN works perfect, and it is much cheaper then buying a laserprinter with Epson FX emulationyour program worked automatically and fantastically with FRAMEWORK XE... and old high-end spreadsheet and database program... the only thing I had to enable was "bold printing" on the dosprn font to get it to print darker........"

Andrew Masters <>

"...Has anyone told you how much of a 'godsend' DOSprn is??? It is, saved me reams of paper and cartridges, I threw away the old Epson line printer, junked the old legacy PC and DOS, and never looked back....all because of DOSprn......"

Marlin J. Vrbas <>

"...I want to tell you that this product has been very useful. It has allowed me to use an electrical power system analysis program I wrote about twenty years ago for my work as an independent consultant....."

Ron <>

"...And I must say, you have offered better support for your program than have others who market much more expensive programs....."

Jeremy Greene <>

"...the product helps a great deal with our a/c package that prints to LPT1:....when installed on a laptop with a USB printer...."

Greg Plamondon <>

"...By the way, I love your program. I have tried several and yours is superior in terms of flexibility, ease of installation and ease of use...."

Brian Broadt <>

"...great program a real lifesaver, now I can print remotely to terminal services printer from old DOS accounting program!....."

Paul Hagar <>

"...I would just like to say that this software is FANTASTIC! I've been looking for some way to print these old DOS files for years! I will be anxiously awaiting my registration code so I can have my official copy of DOSPRN....."

Peter Wyss <>

"...Years ago i wrote many GW-Basic-Programms, but was no more able to print, since my Epson LQ-550 was out of order. With your software it is possible for me to print on one of my network printers, as it was the old Epson one...."

Tim Parsons <>

"...This will make using our old videotape library system so much better, having upgraded our printers only to discover that we weren't able to print out shotlists. A pleasure doing business with you..."

Michael <>

"...its a great product that solves a huge problem for me. Thank you."

Enn Endjarv <>

"...we are not dependent of printer type now - small ones, which are comfortable to take with, seem nowadays be mostly USB.... and can get much more suitable output now too..."

Dan Buhler <>

"...Thanks for making a quality program AND making it affordable!.."

Steve Fairclough <>

"...I just want to let you know this piece of software is fantastic and has really got us out of a mess with a very old Dos product that we've just moved to a Windows XP box using a network printer. DOSPRN handles it all perfectly and gets around all the problems we were having mapping lpt ports to network printers etc..."

Edward McDougal <>

"...You have a great product and I imagine you're helping a lot of people keep their heads above water with new technology..."

Okin, Robert <>

"...You are saving me by keeping alive my DOS based Clipper application. It runs under XP but it wouldn't print. Not until I luckily found DOSPRN. I am very grateful to you..."

Phyllis Brown <>

"...We are once again productively printing from our poor old DOS programs. Thank you for the attention you gave to this matter..."

Krajcsik Mihaly <>

"...Lot of thanks for quick solution, now the printout is really correct. You're good specialist and you give a valueable good support!.."

Peter Wright <>

"...I just wanted to say what an excellent program DOSPRN is, and to thank you. I manufacture electronic items, and have a large database of components, parts lists etc. on an old DOS program called Product Manager. This is increasingly difficult to support using modern printer hardware, and Win XP makes life difficult too for DOS. To transfer everything to a newer program would be both expensive and very time consuming...

...DOSPRN does all this for me, the latter using a PDF writer program I already have, which appears as a printer. DOSPRN works perfectly with this, and has given my old DOS program a new "lease of life". It is well worth the money I paid for the registration. Well done for producing an excellent and much-needed program!.."

Philip <>

"...Many thanks Alex that has cured the problem. Did you know you are brilliant..."

Reinier Wolf <>

"...Thank you for developing this DOSPRN tool. I've been using a building physics simulation program for ten years now and ever since the introduction of windows ('95), I was not able to print the graphics. I even went as far as to make a photo of the screen and print that (no joke!). Now I can make the presentations as I was used to do, including the nice pictures..."

Hope Lopin <>

"...Thank you for your program.  It is allowing me to use my old My Phone Book program. So happy.  It is one of my most useful programs..."

Ingrid <>

"...thank You very much for this really fine piece of useful software! I think many user who use dos programs need it..."

James Vickers <>

"...Good little app, my Dos program producer told me that I needed to buy another new printer to print having just spent loads on a new printer, I told him about your product and he was suitably gobsmaked..."

Jean De Coninck <>

"...Just wants to let you know how great tool you have...Where others failed or only worked partly yours worked FINE!!! And that with a price which is 10 times less than  others!!! Can finally print my dos data again... Cheers and keep up the good work..."

David Hetherington <>

"...your program has allowed us to update our laser printers to be used on our dated dos system. Thankyou!.."

R Gary Carlson <>

"...I always knew the had to be a way to print my old programs. I talked with HP and Lexmark. They did not have a clue. You need to license your program to them. They can then supply it to people who call in crying, "I just bought a new printer now I can't print." It would help these companies, and you could get rich..."

Mark Wilson <>

"...Your program is GREAT, areal life-saver !! It has added new life to the DOS application that we sell..."

Sidney Povedano <>

"...I am very satisfied with your DosPrn program. I am doing some tuning to get it "just right" for my output. I am also recommending it to my clients..."

Richard M. Van Doran <>

"...I think I understand your concept and it sounds like it should be viable. And yes, I do support software like yours because I find it intolerable that I should be forced to quit using software that is good, comfortable and still productive just because Gates and crew have decided that "dos" is archaic..."

Leslie Taylor <>

"... My wonderful computer service expert has just found your program for me, and we have purchased it and have it running on my computer.  Your excellent solution has made a world of difference to me, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for it.  I formatted my business data base in 1984, and haven't changed it since it works so perfectly -- not a canned program, but my own custom approach.  I am a specialty finisher in the construction business, doing organic finishing on natural surfaces such as stone, wood, earth tile, etc.  We work in a traditional way as was done in past centuries.  I use all the years of my data base every month.  My old printer was bound to fail eventually, and I knew I had to be able to transfer 20 years of files to my new printer, but it seemed to be impossible. Your solution works perfectly and is very elegant, not interfering with other functions of the computer or printer.  I now have access to many possibilities of formatting my documents, but most of all, I will be able to continue access to all my years of work.  I am very grateful, and I really think that you should charge more for this.  I would certainly be willing to pay more. Please keep me updated - I would be interested in hearing from you..."

Robert Morris <>

"...Thank you for your amazingly good service. I wish all software companies were so efficient..."

Gary Fortune <>

"...Your program is very useful, and I have recommended it to others..."

Frank Cicetti <>

"...Very nice program that works very well..."

Nic Wilms <>

"...I must say i am impressed by your little program. I use it in combination with for Ron so that he is capable of printing on a remote location from a DOS application over an secure internet connection whereas normally only supports windows printers. Your DOSprn tool does the job perfect also with generating PDF files from a DOS application..."

Luiz Fellipe Carneiro <>

"...Thank you, and congratulations for this great software, It solved a big trouble here..."

Sky Brower <>

"...Thanks again very much -- your program was a life-saver in a situation where they needed to print to an old DOS-based app to a host-based LaserJet 1012 -- it works like a champ!.."

Bernard Ethier <>

"...I can't thank you enough..... I'm working on the origins of the Nazca lines and if a solution eventually is found of course I'll be famous and so will your program!.."

Nic Wilms <>

"...I must say that i am impressed by the possibilities of DOSprn. With the help of your program i am capable to print from a remote HOST computer and a DOS invoicing system via on a client PC without the use of a Terminal server or Citrix environment..."

Marg Derrah <>

"...DOSPRN is amazing!! We thought we would have to give up our DOS bookkeeping program and move to Simply Accounting (which we hate) because we couldn't print directly to the newer printers. And now we hear that Windows 98 might be around for another 2 years - so we're very glad to stick with the old, fast DOS program..."

Les George <>

"...Thank you most sincerely for the effort and work you have done in providing me with the code page. I can now print my documents in a font I find attractive, you have done a great job..."

Barth Companjen <>

"...And thanks for the superb program. It solves some of my big problems, since I still use a great DOS database built in Advanced Revelation..."

Anton Heinl <>

"... I like to let you know that you have created something very much needed by oldtimers like me who use old DOS programs like Dbase or Lotus or PFS..."

Mike McGuire <>

"... Works great! I've written a series of GWbasic programs for scoring sailboat races. All went well until new computer and printer (USB no parallel port). Open your program in backround, start my programs. With no changes, mine now print very nicely...."

Joe Mahaffey <>

"... thank you! the dosprn is a life saver for those of us with new printers and old dos programs!!...."

Chris J Kay <>

"... DOSPRN IS just what I was looking for as I am keen to scrap an old Epson printer....."

Peter Masson <>

"... This is a great programme. I have scratched all of my hair out over the past couple of years trying to get my old DOS programmes to print on contemporary printers - all to no avail. Until we found you, that is......"

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